Hello and Thank You for visiting my online store.  My name is Sarah and I just love creating jewellery.  Everything from cufflinks, earrings, necklaces, tiaras, bangles, bracelets and rings.

I started when I went into a shop to buy myself a necklace, saw one I liked and looked at the price!  I thought to myself 'I bet I could make something like that' and, hey presto, I taught myself.  Now I love creating pretty things for friends and have started my own website.

On my site you will find not only crafted jewellery but semi-precious gemstone strands which can be made into anything of your choice by myself or I could actually teach you how to make jewellery yourself in my workshop.

Most of my sales are made at Craft Fairs locally as I am just happy being with people and selling at the same time.  I also make wedding jewellery - I love pearls, sterling silver and adding just a little bit of colour.

Thank you for browsing and I look forward to helping you.

Sarah VK x